Package Documentation

be The header file for the be package
bmc The header file for the bmc package
cmd Implements command line interface, and miscellaneous commands.
compile Compilation of NuSMV input language into BDD.
dag Directed acyclic graphs with sharing.
dd Header file for Decisison Diagram Package.
img Methods for performing image computations.
ltl Routines to handle with LTL model checking.
mc Fair CTL model checking algorithms. External header file.
node The header file of the node package.
opt The option header file.
parser Interface with the parser
prop Manager of generic properties
rbc Formula handling with Reduced Boolean Circuits (RBCs).
sat The public interface for the sat package
set Generic Set Data Structure
sim The Satisfiability Internal Module (SIM) package.
simulate External Header File for MC Simulator
sm "Main" package of NuSMV ("sm" = system main).

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