Project Members

NuSMV is Open Source and hence is developed in collaboration with different research centers.

The NuSMV partners

The institutions currently involved in the development of NuSMV are:
  • FBK-irst (Trento, Italy), as the co-developer of NuSMV and main developer of NuSMV2.
  • CMU (Pittsburgh, PA), as the co-developer of NuSMV.
  • The University of Genova (Italy), as the developer of state-of-the-art SAT technology.
  • The University of Trento (Italy), as the co-developer of the bounded model checker.
Statements of interest have also come from several other commercial and academic institutions.
  • Ken McMillan (Cadence) has expressed an interest in contributing to the project with the improvements that have been carried out on Cadence SMV along the years.

  • We are cooperating with Interface & Control Systems (ICS) to integrate the model checking capabilities provided by NuSMV within the SCL Visual Modeler developed by ICS.

The NuSMV development team

The people that are currently working to the development of NuSMV are:

Alessandro Cimatti ES Unit at FBK-irst cimatti AT fbk DOT eu
Marco Roveri ES Unit at FBK-irst roveri AT fbk DOT eu
Roberto Cavada ES Unit at FBK-irst cavada AT fbk DOT eu
Roberto Sebastiani University of Trento rseba AT disi DOT unitn DOT it
Stefano Tonetta ES Unit at FBK-irst tonettas AT fbk DOT eu
Alessandro Mariotti ES Unit at FBK-irst mariotti AT fbk DOT eu
Andrea Micheli ES Unit at FBK-irst amicheli AT fbk DOT eu
Sergio Mover ES Unit at FBK-irst mover AT fbk DOT eu
Michele Dorigatti ES Unit at FBK-irst mdorigatti AT fbk DOT eu

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