Bug Reports

If using NuSMV you find a bug, please save the input file, re-execute it saving both standard output and standard error in a file. This can be done in the following way (depending on the Unix shell you are using):
(ba)sh NuSMV bug.smv >./bugs_io_error 2>&1
(t)csh NuSMV bug.smv >& ./bugs_io_error
Then complete the following form and send it to us as an email. Your message will be treated as confidential information.

The NuSMV example generating the bug:
The NuSMV execution output of the above example:
Bug description:
The operating system you are using NuSMV on:
[ ] Linux [ ] Solaris [ ] Sun4 (SunOS) [ ] DEC-Alpha [ ] DEC-Mips [ ] HP-UX

[ ] Windows95 [ ] Windows NT [ ] Windows XP [ ] Windows 2004 Server [ ] Windows Vista

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