This file contains the installation instructions (PART 1) and some configuration hints (PART 2) for the NuSMV GUI under windows.


All the files required for the installation of the NuSMV GUI are available from <>.

  1. Download and install the Python interpreter <Python-2.2.1.exe>.
    By default the Python interpreter is installed in directory "c:\Python22".

    : Under certain conditions a reboot of the system may be necessary in this step.

  2. Download and install the PyGTK wrapper provided at <PyGtk-1.99.11-libglade.win32.exe>.
    If during the installation one or more error messages concerning the registry's key have popped up, simply ignore them and continue the installation. 

  3. Download provided package <gtk-2.0.6_win32.tar.gz> and unpack it.
    In the following, we assume that the package has been unpacked into "c:\". The unpacking operation will create directory "c:\gtk-2.0.6_win32".

  4. Download <gnusmv-snapshot-021002_win32.tar.gz> and unpack it. This will create directory "gnusmv", which we assume will be located into "c:\".

  5. Customize file 'gnusmv.bat' (in the 'gnusmv' directory). (Notice that if the suggested directories have been used during the installation, then the file needs no changes.)

    Open the file using your favorite text editor, and edit the following three lines so that they point to the:

    set PYTHON_DIR=c:\python22
    set GTK_DIR=c:\gtk  
    set GNUSMV_DIR=c:\gnusmv

    Warning: if you need to change one or more variable values, do not insert blank spaces before or after the "=" . (e.g. "PYTHON_DIR = c:\python22" is *NOT* correct.
  6. Execute file gnusmv.bat in order to run the NuSMV GUI. 


1) Fonts

In some win32 configurations, the GUI elements could appear too small or too big. This is usually caused by a wrong font size.
Font type and size can be changed by editing the file "gnusmv\themes\default_win32.rc".

The fonts are defined by the 'font_name' declarations.
For example: font_name = "Arial 8" can be changed in: font_name = "Arial 6" to reduce the font size.

For further information about fonts and customizable themes see:

2) Console settings

Currently, diagnostic and error message are sent to the console. Moreover, in interactive simulation the user should interact with the system via the console.
In order to make this interaction more comfortable, it might be convenient to customize the number of rows the console shows, the font type and size, the buffer dimension (number of scrollable rows), etc.

See your operating system manual for the details on how to change the console settings.